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1-DayOut launches in Tauranga

That’s right, have expanded into the Tauranga region today, and launched with 10 cent cheeseburgers at McDonalds! Get in and grab a cheap burger now. Shame it’s limited to one per person!

Nine new sites added today

That’s right, NINE new one day sale sites have been added today to the list of all one day sale sites, bringing the total amount of sites on our list to 56!

So, what have we added today?

  • FirstIn have branched out and now have FirstInKids and FirstInHome under their umbrella. They ditched their online eCommerce store earlier in the year to focus solely on daily deals, and have now just broadened their reach a bit with the new websites.
  • Have added five new group buying sites Cudo, LetsGetIt, Wowcha, DealEater and GetADeal
    Cudo is backed my Microsoft and based out of Australia, but are not live yet. 
    LetsGetIt is currently Auckland only, with more regions planned soon
    Wowcha is currently Palmerston North only, unknown if there are more regions coming
    DealEater is  Wellington only, with Auckland and Christchurch coming at some stage.
    GetADeal is not live yet (launch is 17th Jan according to their site), and will be deals for Christchurch/Canterbury
  • And one other daily deal site EzyDeal which have three daily deals on general merchandise.
  • Added Mr Vintage, as they have been doing daily deals on t-shirts for a while now

So a lot of new sites, and a lot more products to see and things to do as well. Just in time for Christmas too!

Thoughts/feedback about these (or any other sites?) Feel free to add to our comments section

Grab One Bottle of wine now!

Grab One have ventured into the alcohol space, and are now offering daily deals on wine and beer from New Zealand and Australia at With some great deals on wine, they look set to take on 1-daycellar head on in the one day sale alcohol area. I wonder if it will be as successful as their main venture, GrabOne; time will tell, but I am sure it will work well for them.

Current deals

All current deals for Grab One Bottle
This one day sale site is not currently being monitored

Free Kiwi music daily

We have added Daily Beat to the list of sites today. What is Daily Beat? Every day at 1pm they offer a free daily download of a kiwi music track. Simple! What a great way for new bands to get their music out there for all to listen to.

Pago – now accepted at multiple 1-day sale sites

Have you heard of Pago? Pago is an electronic payment system that enables you to shop online without a credit card. You can also send or receive money by txt or web – and you won’t need to disclose your personal bank details to anyone. All you need is a Pago wallet. What a great idea! Watch a full demo here of how Pago works.

There are a bunch of one day sale sites that now accept Pago, have a look below at them all.

Current deals

All current deals for Deal A Day
This one day sale site is not currently being monitored

Current deals

All current deals for 1-day
This one day sale site is not currently being monitored

Current deals

All current deals for 1-daytee
This one day sale site is not currently being monitored

Current deals

All current deals for Trade Me
This one day sale site is not currently being monitored

Spreets now live in Auckland

Thats right, Spreets have been on the coming soon list for a while now, but they launched last week in Auckland so have now moved to the Things to do category.

Spreets is the latest group buying site to be launched, starting off with Auckland, and looks like Christchurch and Wellington will be coming soon. They are an Australian company, which have been running since the start of the year there with good success!

They cut off at midnight, so go grab yourself a bargain now!

More deals for you

Not new sites, but we are now monitoring two more sites that have been on the list of all one day sale sites for a while now – FirstIn and EziBuy

We also fixed up I Love Deals, as they have not been updating for a little while, and fixed up some of the images on a few other sites too!

More one day sale deals right on this page, so you don’t have to go visiting them all individually.

Current deals

All current deals for First In
This one day sale site is not currently being monitored

Interesting Facebook Stats

Facebook provide some fantastic tools to people like us who run Facebook fan pages for their company. One of those tools is demographics on their fans, what country they are in, age, sex and even language. Some interesting stats on our fans:

  • As expected most of our fans are in New Zealand, but there is a splattering from right around the world. Hello to our international fans!
  • 32% of our fans are female in the 25-34 age bracket, and 26% in the 35-44 age bracket.
  • 79% are female. You girls love a good one day sale shopping bargain!

As the fan base has grown from 100 to 500 to now over 800 fans, these numbers have been pretty static right through out.

The language breakdown is also interesting, we have one pirate fan out there, but I am still a bit puzzled on the person who reads everything upside down though, that sounds like no easy feat!

¡ʍolǝq ʇuǝɯɯoɔ ɐ sn ǝʌɐǝl ‘ɹǝpɐǝɹ uʍop ǝpısdn ǝɥʇ ǝɹɐ noʎ ɟI

Thanks to everyone for all your support over this year, looking forward to a fantastic 2011!

Aaron Morrell –

Breakdown of One Day Sale Finder fans (click to enlarge)

Toyco – the seriously fun toy company!

That’s right, Toyco have just launched their online shopping site to the public, and they have some great bargains and toys to be had. Check them out now for a fantastic range of toys, including all the top brands such as Lego, Thomas the tank engine, Barbie and more to come! You can even go into their shop at 7 Wagener Place in St Lukes, Auckland.

Toyco – the seriously fun toy company!

Are we going to loose three one day sale sites?

According to the following article on Stuff ( Hubsta has been placed into receivership. What you probably don’t realise is Hubsta powers the online shopping sites behind Yahoo Xtra, NZ Herald and The Deal. As of today they have no daily deals, just a box saying ‘no daily deals today’. I have a few contacts there, so will send off an email and see what response I get back.

Watch this space!

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